Applied Network Effects

A 3-week long workshop-style course where you will learn how to evaluate, build, scale, and monetize network effects

"We now make it a condition in our offer letter to new, junior team members to take this course (we obviously cover the cost). Keep up the good work!"

Mathias Ockenfels

General Partner, Marketplaces & Consumer at Speedinvest

"I cannot recommend this course more highly. A genuinely eye-opening few weeks and one that will pay dividends to me and my business for years to come."

Roei Samuel

CEO & Founder at Connectd

"Sameer has an intimate knowledge of how network effects manifest across various platforms. This course is perfect for anyone trying to expand their understanding of this key concept and dig a few layers deeper."

Chad Burdette

Partner & COO at Nosara Capital

"This course is exceptional. You'll understand why some network effect companies become massively successful while others fail to gain any traction and how you could navigate the complexity."

Keith Tsui

Founder at