Applied Network Effects

A 3-week Reforge course where you will learn how to evaluate, build and measure network effects 

"We now make it a condition in our offer letter to new, junior team members to take this course (we obviously cover the cost). Keep up the good work!"

Mathias Ockenfels

General Partner, Marketplaces & Consumer at Speedinvest

"Most people hear the words "network effects" and assume some vague ideas about it. The course taught a lot of specific and practical information that we could actually use."

Tova Safra

Co-founder & Chief Design Officer at Groove

"Sameer has an intimate knowledge of how network effects manifest across various platforms. This course is perfect for anyone trying to expand their understanding of this key concept and dig a few layers deeper."

Chad Burdette

Partner & COO at Nosara Capital

"This course reinvigorated my love of learning. I've already started working through the frameworks with my colleagues to figure out how to make our product more engaging."

Meghan McCormick

Co-founder & CEO at OZÉ